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Source voice transfer to target voice

Source voice
NFT voice
Result voice

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Let us make great things.

  1. Voiceprint NFT and API: Initial voiceprint NFTs and bonus voiceprint NFTs will mint.
  2. Minority languages NFT: Release minority languages voiceprint NFTs.
  3. Dialect NFT: Release dialect voiceprint NFTs.
  4. Voiceprint NFT creation platform: Release the NFT platform, which users mint voiceprint for free. Users can make and upload voiceprint NFT.
  5. Emotional voiceprint NFT: Release emotional voiceprint NFT.
  6. Virtual idol NFT: Release virtual idol voiceprint NFT.
  7. Metaverse steward NFT: Release Metaverse steward voiceprint NFT.
  8. Social twins NFT production platform: Release social twins NFT, provide users a platform to customize the image, voice texture and intelligent voice.

About Us

We make great things.

In the Metaverse of Web 3.0, the PFP is the one way to let people identify each other,the voice is a another unique way to show someone's character. We want to help people create their own voice with their own character in the Metaverse.

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